I have to learn to think for myself. I need to process the info by myself first, otherwise I won’t have a point to start questioning.

T came to our lesson too. I felt nervous, but so did everyone else. Why did we feel nervous anyway? Because T was an authority figure? Or because we didn’t know him that well? Or because he was a man? I don’t know exactly why, but I finished earlier than usual.

ISTJ logic is wishful thinking because it decides the process from the outcome. Does it make sense to say that Hobbes believed in God and nothing at the same time? If Hobbes’s logic is that anything that is an immaterial being is nothing, and God is an immaterial being, then the logic implies God is nothing. To say a person who believes in God believes in nothing is a contradiction beyond comprehension. But if quantum mechanics truly exists, then paradoxes exist — one only needs to look at something with a different perspective.

Is it true that everything and everyone is connected? Perhaps such a theory will explain how we wish to picture the world, because it’ll be more understandable, as we prefer to see the connections. I don’t know about the connections, but I hope someday science will show a complete picture of how energy is the underlying source of everything.

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