Day 14

All knowledge plays a part in the progress of human understanding, whether it’s science, philosophy, stories with imagination, objective and subjective truth: we need to know what we are made of other than living a comfortable and self-sufficient life. But why? Is it only because we can’t stop thinking?

My thoughts are important to me in the way that they’re generated in life in this specific place and time, where no one else is living the same way as I am. A famous Japanese soccer player’s insight was brilliant when she said, if she didn’t experience the game as a professional soccer player, she could not make her remark on how she was jealous of another player’s play. In other words, her knowledge is unique by being who she is.

People don’t just become a scientist, or a fashion designer because they want to, we become who we are because we need to. We just need to learn to accept ourselves when we know what who we need to become.