Day 10

A person is a transforming agent of random energy into usable energy, such as an idea. I examine my experiences, analyze my feelings, and try to find what makes “me”. Recently I am getting better at identifying an insight that’s important to me and try to find reasons to support my intuition in a logical way.

Ideas pop into my mind with free association. For example, when I see the color orange, I remember J, and when I remember J, I see how active he is.

A song by Nirvana popped into my mind reminds me of how R was telling me “Only if we had met 10 years earlier!” when I asked him to help me with my study. Then I remember the scene from the movie “Rewrite”, when the older woman told Hugh Grant that she thinks it’s never too late to start working towards one’s dream. (The next pop-up image is an English teacher whose hair style looks like Hugh Grant’s.)

I constantly have those free-floating thoughts on my mind which I don’t know what to do with. Maybe a lot of people are like me, thinking with free association. Should I do anything about it? How can I empty my mind? Should I even try to empty my mind?Maybe the thoughts just come and go and the thoughts don’t mean anything. Or maybe a writer just needs to write down what the voice whispers in her head.