I got confused about whether Hobbes was religious or not, so I asked the question to the philosophy group. J was quick to answer my question with a reference. The reference made sense to me with a fast glance. I felt the same way about Hobbes’s writing with the author: Hobbes seemed to say that God doesn’t exist, but he used God to explain causes.

R also responded fast to me, to eliminate trouble. I know why R didn’t want to discuss Hobbes being religious or not: he doesn’t want the topic to drift from his argument. I think R and I are kind of alike because I can see how he structures the seminar to fit his purpose, while I structure my story.

What “I think” I should do with my time might not be the right answer to the question “What should I do with my time?” If I were to reduce my life to one sentence, what would it be? I want my life to stand for something, even if it’s something like, ” A housewife who tried to write well.”