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I tried to read Jane Austen when I picked up “Mansfield Park” from my piles of books on the piano. I don’t know why I didn’t feel like reading her book even though I thought I should study the writing style from an established female (INTP) writer. But the pages and words didn’t interest me enough for me to even start reading.

When I realized that I didn’t want to read the book, I thought: why don’t I check out the title of the book I wrote on the bright yellow memo sticking on the 1st page? Somehow the book title reminded me of the head of philosophy department; I kind of remember that he looked smart to a fault, and a little bold.

I am getting tired of reading Nietzsche. I suppose Nietzsche’s message is a person’s emotion influences her actions greatly, and we are the kind of being that does whatever it takes for us to survive when we are ignorant of our emotions.

Maybe emotion is raw energy stronger than reason, but logic is necessary because it is a language that people need to use to understand the world. Without logic, there is no universal understanding possible. Reason is emotion expressed in logic.

It’s funny how trying to read Jane Austen led me to ordering the 11 volumes of “The History of Philosophy” by Copleston. I guess I intuitively knew 15 years ago that I don’t need to read her.

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