T started to lecture me that I should pay attention and listen more to my kids. T told me to put the kids first and do what interests me when I have time between care taking, and it’s my job to establish the environment in which the kids feel comfortable enough to talk to me.

Her advice upset me, but the good thing about this experience was I was fighting back when she wrongfully accused me. I told her that I agree with her that communication and listening to my kids are very important, and I try my best to listen to them.

The progress I made today was the effort to express myself clearly in a foreign language. I think one of the important goals of learning a foreign language is to be able to defend yourself. I need to stand up for myself, because nobody will if I don’t.

I am dreaming that I am going to write something great, but all I write about is my life. There are no monsters, except maybe my fear. The more I write about my fear, the smaller it becomes. But what’s the point of writing a book? Why do I even want people to read my private thoughts? They are so boring. Even I don’t want to read my thoughts; I just need to get them out of my mind.