Yesterday I skipped writing and it felt so weird. I want to write double today. Will I ever finish the story? I don’t know how my application for a part-time job at a clothing store will turn out, but I think I should stick to my writing. If I don’t write, I can’t keep my mind focused. When I imagine myself working at the shop, I only see myself daydreaming like a zombie. I hope someday I can make money from writing, but all this uncertainty about being a successful writer only serves to make me feel more insecure.

The only thing I am certain about is I don’t want to give up writing yet. But whom should I write for? Do I want to write for my mom? It’s hard because I worry what she’ll think about my writing. Maybe I should write for my friends because I cherish my friendships, even though I don’t know if they care about my writing or not. My kids??? Well, I guess I’ll just write for myself. If I enjoy my writing, someone else might too. If nobody else enjoys it, at least one person on planet earth would.