The sentence I made in English class today: The perk of studying English is communication to the world. But later I found out from my editor that the sentence should read: One of the perks of studying english is the ability to communicate with other people around the world. The teacher did’t correct my sentence!

My tears came to my eyes when I read the quote from the Jewish girl. I haven’t read her work, but I suppose she wrote a diary when she was in a concentration camp. Her quote says when she writes, she can shake off everything, and writing makes her strong. I feel the same way.

Being a procrastinator, life is hard because I get up and I have to do laundry. I have unfinished dishes in the sink. I have to get ready for the day, not knowing what I want out of it, although my sometimes dreadful life is nothing compared with life in a concentration camp.

If energy is what life is all about, I can be a person who transforms negative energy to positive energy. I will go out, have lessons and normal conversations with people, and eat, and keep writing. Sometimes a piece of writing is all one needs to empower herself to get through the hopelessness in life.