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I found a position in teaching people how to take the Toeic test. I thought about applying for the position because I scored 965. The test was easy for me because I went to high school and college in the U.S. I hope I could still use the score, even though I am not interested in becoming a businesswoman.

Even though I saw the movie The Martian in Taiwan last fall, I went to see it again with M this evening. I wonder why they play foreign movies in Japan so late. I like Matt Damon, but the movie was a little plain.

M didn’t say much when we were at the mall. Nowadays he goes to the mall with his friends, so I sensed that he was a little uneasy. Maybe he is at an age that he doesn’t feel comfortable hanging out with me, but still I had a good time. We didn’t talk much, but the time we spent together was precious, and I think it’s good to set up a date with just one kid because a kid needs only his mother’s attention from time to time.

The guy working at the katsudon shop looked young, pale, and thin. He had this sorrow in his eyes that told me that he was different. Maybe he has a troubled past?

At the food court, I asked M to order a bowl of udon by himself while it was our turn to order, but he didn’t want to. He expected me to order for him because I am the adult. I didn’t want to order because my Japanese is not fluent; I wanted the easy way out. His attitude upset me when I pressured him to order, but after we ate, he went to return the dishes for me. M has always been very kind to me. I should try to be a more disciplined parent that he can count on.

P is coming home today from India. It must have been hard to travel with an agent in a country with no clean water. I don’t think I am a good wife to him because I always go to bed before he comes home, but if I don’t sleep early, I will be so sleepy the next day. Maybe I should finally start thinking about napping during the day?