I still don’t know if I really want to teach kids English. I don’t think it should be a problem, but I just don’t know. It’ll be cool to be able to teach a subject like philosophy because my college professor Dr. R was cool, but it’s too big a dream for me. I think I should focus on what I can do now and do it well.

The English conversation class for adults was full-house today. Being a student, I actually like a full class because then I don’t need to talk much. If there are fewer people in class, we will have to expand on our response which just kills me.

Anyway, the sentence today was “I’ve been putting off (A) because (B).” “I’ve been putting off reading Critique of Pure Reason because it’s in German.” was one of the sentences I made.

My sentence suddenly made sense to me. “Hey, if that’s the reason why I put the reading off, then why don’t I just buy the one in English?” So I bought the book with the English translation online after lunch.  I also remembered R telling me there is no need to translate the book.

I am glad that I bought the book asap because if I didn’t do it soon, I would forget about it soon.  It’s the same with housekeeping, and things always get messier when I pick it up again.  

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