I was going to return a DVD before 12, but I ended up taking too much time to fix my stupid eyebrows, and didn’t go the English class. Sometimes I tell myself that being late is better than not showing up, but today I even got tired of telling myself such an excuse.

It makes sense to me when Copleston says that Hobbes was talking about energy and power. I guess Hobbes’s message is: men become wolfmen when resources are limited. We are born for competition, and I’d better use my energy wisely.

Mil called me. I got used to her bla bla bla. It’s better if I let her do her thing, the faster she talks, the quicker we can finish the conversation, the sooner I can go on with the rest of my day. I am usually rebellious to authority figures, but to quote from Thomas in “The Maze Runner the Scorch Trial”: I am tired of running. Except for him it’s from lots of zombies.

It must be hard to produce a movie. One has to have the determination to create everything from a blueprint.

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