The metal part of my tooth fell out when I was flossing, so I went to see the dentist. I said, ‚ÄúThank you for a good job cleaning my teeth.” to the cleaning staff. She always does her job thoroughly. I was glad that I paid her the compliment with my gratitude, not only because I meant it, but also because I had the courage and the language skill to express myself.

A blogger says that the 75th piece of writing should look different from the 1st piece. I feel my thoughts flow smoothly when I write, and my ideas come out easier than before, when the words stick to what I try to express. But whenever I think about the possibility of becoming successful, my old self-doubt crept back in.

Socrates never wrote a book, but his ideas last through generations. Knowledge is about ideas. No matter how a person lived his life, his idea is what really matters to the world.

Einstein did his study while he was working at a paid job. I think my work in teaching gives me enough freedom to do what I am interested in too.