I just accepted who I see in myself today. I looked in a mirror and I thought, “This person looks like a writer!“

A person is defined by how she spends her time. Time is definite, money is not. When you die, you are dead even if you are rich. Your memories will be the only thing that you die with. The moments of grief, sorrow, hatred, happiness, will be all what you die with. I want to spend my time on what I value the most.

The time on I spend on writing is precious because it’s important for me to reflect on what I experienced. I need to know how I feel and what I think about the emotional moments in my life by writing.

E played his piece for the recital at home yesterday for the first time. It was so great. T was wrong about how taking the piano lessons being a mistake when the child doesn’t practice everyday. When a person is seriously hurt, music could save her. Even though I am not good at playing the piano, I am attracted to music. I feel it is a part of me.