Writing is self-empowerment for me when I pay attention to my subconscious. Maybe the subconscious is like a wellspring of imagination, or a place where the mind goes to get ideas and recharge. A scientific explanation for how neutrons and chemical activities in the brain relate to creativity should also be available (although it’s all very fuzzy to me).

If I just let myself write, I feel I can be myself, and my world seems to fall into place. I feel centered and focused, and I feel I can get through difficult times in life, but sometimes I feel I should get a job because everyone has a job, and I don’t feel writing is what I should be doing because it doesn’t support my financial independence.

Maybe I will only know whether it’s true that I shouldn’t work at a job I don’t like only when I have the experience, except the logic is far from the point. I can never experience everything, and doing what one cares about is a necessity of living. My desire to write well serves as a motivation for me to discipline myself. I am happy when I like what I write sincerely.

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