week 21/5/27

Most Sundays I get up late, but recently I have back pain, so this morning I decided to exercise by taking a walk to the beach.  The fastest route is 1.2 miles.

The windy, cloudy, and warm weather was a perfect day for taking a walk.  I loved the sweet white pikake flower on the neighborhood fence; I greeted the people walking their dogs; I took some pictures of the white puffy clouds; I listened to the birds chirping busily; I wondered if someone ever got caught grabbing ripped mangos hanging down from giant trees.

Uniformed policemen were enjoying their break as I walked past them, one with breakfast in his hand. Most of a half marathon’s participants on the bright orange coned-road were walking past me, except one old tall man who was still running. When I grow old, I’d love to be that old lady runner with a casual yet winning smile.

Unlike last time I saw it, the ocean today was colored in platinum in the morning sun. Perhaps the wet air had made it look sophisticated and chic, with a light touch of resilience. Nature is an artist is nature is an artist, indefinitely!

I was glad I didn’t go back to sleep; my back felt much better. Returning to my neighborhood about an hour later, I realized my day had just started as it was only 2 minutes past nine.

week 21


I felt like doing nothing at all in the morning.  As always, waiting for Cycle Day 1 is the hardest.  I became restless and fatigued and depressed and moody after the fourth week.

But I knew I had to get water because we were out of it.  Although I couldn’t remember water makes up the 70% of which: the human body or Earth, it didn’t matter; no water no life.  Got to get water.

I tried to fight my resistance by timing myself with a stopwatch and 30 minutes later I arrived home with water and groceries.  Feeling like a winner and lucky (I got a dollar from a water machine guy wearing sunglasses because he was checking out the machine while I was using it), I was motivated to do the next necessary and important task (though I forget what it was).

I even managed to type for 20 minutes after lunch today.  Since writing is what I enjoy doing, I tend to spend more time for it than I probably should.  A 20 minutes timer reminded me to stop working, and as a result, I picked up the kids on time.

Having learned again and again how disastrous doing everything at the last minute could be, I found the balance between doing what you need to do and what you love is an art to master and being aware of the fact that I was depressed was probably the first step.


Day 16

This moleskin dashboard diary is the best planner that I have ever used. I can write German irregular verbs in the address book in the back packet. I can write the main dishes for dinner on the top and expenses on the bottom of each day, and the to-do list under each day in the weekly view. I can take notes on what I want to improve on in the back of the diary. The planner helps me to organize my life, and the quality of my time is greatly improved. By using the planner, I can do what I love and what I need to do effectively.