Day 3

At one point, when I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror at a hotel in Singapore, I thought, “Forget about Hobbes! Maybe he did believe in God.” All I was saying was that Hobbes had been inconsistent, and if the argument is inconsistent, I don’t see how can it be true. However, if that is what some philosophers have been doing about the God problem all this time, it was just a tragic behavioural pattern. But before I knew about their situation, how can I accept the man’s inconsistency? Because he wrote half of his book about God? No way. Bottom line: Reality doesn’t need to be consistent, but a theory does.


Have I played a trick on myself? I feel like I need to get out of here before it’s too late. If I write, exercise, and do the housework, do I still need to study philosophy?

After all, I don’t know why I am trying to read Kant. Moreover, I don’t need to study German.


Even if Hobbes was a religious person, who said that God is an immaterial being that is the cause of everything, Hobbes’s argument doesn’t give validity to God as a cause, but uses God to validate the argument.

Even if Hobbes couldn’t explain why God exists, he can still be a faithful believer. It’s possible that Hobbes was struggling to believe in something without proof of existence. However, when Hobbes said it’s a natural condition for man to believe in God, it shows at least he “knows” he is only believing in God because he is a man, not because God exists.



Today we went to a park and only stayed there for 20 minutes because it was too cold. After seeing the dentist, my teeth have become so clean that they don’t look like my teeth! Anyway, I tried to get my teeth back to normal by drinking coffee.

If I don’t read philosophy, I feel something is missing. I certainly don’t need philosophy to survive. Does studying philosophy make me feel special? Am I trying to prove myself?

Philosophy can be very self-evident sometimes, but I guess the people practice it need to go through the process. The process is where the work is: intuition and logic!

I need something that I can study, just like I need to write, and philosophy happens to be what I am interested in. I want to see what my reality is made of, or what I perceive to be true.