Day 26

I didn’t stop at a red light and got caught by the police. My stomach felt funny after I waking up from a nap, so I was kind of in a hurry to get home.

I am probably influenced by P’s habit of running through yellow lights, but I also know I only have myself to blame because I am responsible for the kids’ and my own safety. I feel terribly sorry for what I have done. I am usually a careful driver, but I think it’s not good enough to drive carefully “usually”, but “always”.


Day 25

Today I went to buy a cup of coffee at the supermarket near our place. In front of me, a woman in her 70s was ordering and she asked her friend (another old lady) who was close to us to pay for the her own lunch at the register. The friend was going to pay after the woman, but then she saw me, who was slightly hidden from her view behind the pole, so she told me she didn’t see me because of the pole, and would pay at another cashier. I told her it’s okay and she could pay before me, but she didn’t and she went to another register. I can’t imagine the same thing happening in Osaka: Japanese people are nice, but I have experiences of old people cutting in line.

I was impressed by the old lady’s action, but then a waitress who let us wait at the busy restaurant tonight also apologized to us many times. So I started to realize that I was wearing a shirt with a strong print of big yellow bananas in a black background. Even though the shirt might have made people feel frightened of me so they didn’t want to take advantage of me, I’d like to think otherwise.


Day 24

Last night we talked till 1am before the kids and I fell asleep. It was good fun.

Just the other day I saw a family of tourists at a supermarket near our home. I thought they were speaking German, so I wanted to say something to them, but I didn’t; I only imagined what I could have said to them. I felt like being friendly to them because I have been studying the language.


Day 23

Emotions are real energy, and a person’s thinking controls his/her emotions. A person’s logic decodes emotions, and then translates it into actions. Decoding a message correctly requires the receiver to have the same kind of logic mechanism as the sender, or the message is misinterpreted easily. Therefore, a person’s logic is shown in the pattern of his/her behavior. I got this hint from the movie “The Imitation Game”.


Day 22

I am in Hawaii now. It was so humid in the afternoon and my clothes were soaked with sweat. I took a shower after we finished cleanup and when we woke up from a nap, there was thunder and lightning outside. The car wouldn’t start, so we couldn’t go anywhere. We had snacks like rice crackers and castella cakes for dinner.


Day 5

I feel morality is a human being’s goal in life. When one fulfils one’s duty to be a just human being, s/he lives a good life.

For example, cooking is my duty as a housewife. The problem is I am too lazy to cook, however the problem is solved once I have accepted my laziness, because I have accepted the reality of my role and “who I am”. The rest is doing what I need to do as a housewife, which is cooking.

Other than living a moral life, I think whatever holds a person together is what determines his/her existence. Without writing, I end up as entropy, the randomness of energy.


Day 21

Yesterday, B called to tell me that she was in the hospital. This morning I heard from J that W is in the hospital. B and W were both born in the Year of Dragon. Does it mean that dragon people will have bad luck this year? Or has something gong wrong with them over a long period of time, and what’s happening to them now is the result of their ignorance? I hope they will get well soon.


Day 20

An motivating incident is where the question is revealed, as a problem suddenly occurs in ordinary life that requires a person (protagonist) to react to the question by making a choice. Life is not always dramatic, but life is full of choices, and sometimes one doesn’t realize the small choices one has made eventually created a gigantic problem. A-frog-in-the-boiling-pot scenario is caused by people prioritizing comfort over dealing with reality. Some people see bad things coming in the world for sure, but unfortunately their negative voices are often ignored because we are not boiled yet.


Day 19

Although the goal of getting to places is not as important as the process of getting there itself, one still needs a direction for the journey, otherwise one will remain stagnant.

My primary objective is to have independent thinking!