week 18/day 11

P is here. What can I say? I am happy to see him. He has responsibility in working for his company and he needs to make money for us. Although now we live separately, I am thankful to have moved back here.

I appreciate Hawaii more now. Today I stared at the color of the clouds and a mountain in front of it through my windshield while waiting at a red light: a giant white cottoncandy-like cloud contrasted with a green mountain under the blue sky were picture perfect. Perhaps the air makes it so. Everything looks unreal because the color of everything is so vivid under the sun. The thought that everything looks like it’s from a postcard didn’t move me 14 years ago: my reaction was more like a “So what?” It makes me think that becoming older could be a good thing.

The climate, the people, the sweet air: everything is different here. What I like the most about Hawaii is that I feel nobody really cares about what anybody else does, but there is this togetherness in how people appreciate their experience living on this small island of Oahu.


Day 22

I am in Hawaii now. It was so humid in the afternoon and my clothes were soaked with sweat. I took a shower after we finished cleanup and when we woke up from a nap, there was thunder and lightning outside. The car wouldn’t start, so we couldn’t go anywhere. We had snacks like rice crackers and castella cakes for dinner.



Today we went to play tennis at the park near 9th avenue. Two women looked like they were having a lot of fun playing tennis when we were there. It was a nice sight because somehow people look tired here. In the supermarket, in the store, on the street. Maybe I go shopping mostly, and the cashiers always look tired.

I need to write, otherwise I will be sick. I got better from my cold, and I went to buy a green drink.

I like it here in Hawaii because people wear whatever they want and mostly they wear sandals and t-shirts. Living a simple and creative life gives me good energy.