Day 23

Emotions are real energy, and a person’s thinking controls his/her emotions. A person’s logic decodes emotions, and then translates it into actions. Decoding a message correctly requires the receiver to have the same kind of logic mechanism as the sender, or the message is misinterpreted easily. Therefore, a person’s logic is shown in the pattern of his/her behavior. I got this hint from the movie “The Imitation Game”.


Day 5

Life is a process concerned with how one outputs energy in the universe. A person’s character decides what kind of output s/he will make and what type of experience s/he is creating. What I am doing with writing is training myself to think logically.


Day 1

I know P meant to be good to me, I really do, but I also noticed that he becomes annoyed if I am not pleased with his effort.

Goodness and badness are one side of the same coin. I can use 30% of my energy to do good things, but I can also use the 30% to do bad things. The choice is up to me.

The effort to ignore my feelings is the worst choice. Before I can accept myself as who I am, I wouldn’t know how to accept the others the way they are.


Day 21

The idea that Nicholas talked about seems to be true: everything is energy. Some philosophers express their understanding of energy in philosophical language.

Logic is not reality, but our understanding of reality, whereas energy is a phenomenon. In terms of energy, what would a philosophy proposition look like?

For example, Hobbes talked about having a central power is necessary to keep a group in order. It’s the same idea of spinning a plate with a stick in physics.

Romantic attractions are real, but they are only attractions. Romantic feelings make people feel empowered, that’s why people fall in love and try to stay in love.

Writing keeps me centered, and I find answers to my questions from writing. Writing is my way to gain access to my unconscious, my source of energy.

Now I have started to read Kant, I wonder why Kant wrote the way he did. Why would someone write in a way that a reader has to struggle to understand an important message?


Day 9

I read a quote about energy. It says something like thinking works like a receptor, and when a person thinks of something, s/he will get it in reality. Maybe this is how the energy from the universe works, because when I read my work, I realized that when I ask a question, I find an answer through writing.

It seems as if I’ve always known the answer — I just wouldn’t realize it until I write my question down. The knowledge that a person will get, is what she is willing to learn.



I think being arrogant only hurts the person who is arrogant because there is no way others would want to communicate openly with the person.

An arrogant person is weak and she is afraid that others won’t take her seriously. Everything results from the opposition of power: having the fear of being ignored makes one speak forcefully.

B seems to think everyone is bad, when Mil seems to think everyone is good. Maybe they are both right: it all depends on how one manages to present one’s energy.