Day 29

I am starting to see what I am interested in. Maybe “mistakes”? I told J that I am good at picking up other people’s mistakes. I can write about the mistakes I notice, but I worry if it will piss people off. If I only write about the mistakes people make or the logical inconsistency I find in people’s action and thoughts, I worry I will become someone who only pays attention to the flaws in humanity? It sounds like a dark life and perhaps people will hate me for pointing out what they are trying to hide or have ignored, but sometimes I think we stop growing when we don’t try to admit the mistakes we have made.


Day 29

A person can get a hint from every walk of her life to achieve what she wants to do with her life. Most of what I have been interested in is analyzing my experiences, so I guess I should make my understanding more clear.

“The Maze of Silence” and “Er ist Wieder Da” both talked about how ordinary people become evil without knowing what they are doing as a situation takes on a negative turn. Hannah Arendt says that human weakness is inside of us all: if we don’t pay attention to our weaknesses, we might do destructive things out of fear before we realize it’s too late. Ignorance of our dark side could be our worst enemy.