Day 22

I am in Hawaii now. It was so humid in the afternoon and my clothes were soaked with sweat. I took a shower after we finished cleanup and when we woke up from a nap, there was thunder and lightning outside. The car wouldn’t start, so we couldn’t go anywhere. We had snacks like rice crackers and castella cakes for dinner.


Day 22

I will try my best to become a screenplay writer! That’s what I thought to myself when I looked at my new Moleskin planner.

T had a substantial planner when he came to our Chinese lesson, and I felt like getting a larger dashboard planner, which I didn’t actually get. I have so many things that I am actively interested in, and I want to keep myself organized so I can actually achieve something.

Recently I have been thinking about how my behaviour influences other people. When I wore a Hydrean dress to the lunch with the writing group, everyone was happy. I thought it was so easy to make someone happy — just by one dress. I didn’t think I cared what other people think about me, but when I know that wearing a dress can make people so cheerful, I feet like wearing dresses when I see people. I feel happy when I make someone else happy.

Kant is hard to read, but if I think about what he was trying to do, I am thankful for his efforts. Maybe some people don’t think reality exists, so it must be hard to make an argument to prove that reality does exist.

S said that, there is no standard to decide what is right or wrong, but surely there is? There is a standard because human beings arguably have the intuition of knowing right from wrong, instead of reaching the conclusion that there is nothing we can rely on.

The existence of reality is not up to human beings to decide, but the measurement already exists in our subjectivity, objectively. Reality exists because the relationship between it and human beings is necessary, as the relationship is made by (pure) intuition, whereas imagination is only intuition without proof from a system of human understanding, which is what science is.