When the protagonist in “American Psycho” reached out, no one was there to listen.

If like R said, work and person are separated, and a story is just a story, why did they feel sorry for me? The fact is, when I showed them my work, I didn’t ask them for anything other than their objective comments. But I guess that was too much to ask.


I watched “American Psycho” and “The Majestic” in the morning. “American Psycho” was dark and pessimistic, while “The Majestic” was bright and hopeful. “American Psycho” reminded me of Nietzsche, and the film “My Dinner with Andre”.

“Rather than accidents, maybe there are things we don’t understand.” R’s attitude is definitely different from before because he used to say that we met each other only by coincidence.

R’s smile when he took our pictures reminded me of O. I have to get out of the whole thing before it’s too late.

The laws of nature, or what we can understand with science, are more reliable than a person’s authority. We obey the laws of nature because they are unchanging. Human self-interest creates problems. How can human beings live peacefully with each other? Is it even possible?