Bb5+ won’t work because …c6, Nxe6, …fxe6, Bxc5, …cxb5?

I didn’t see the Bb4+. I should just trade the knight and win bishop with this line.


This one I struggled with Be4 or Qe4. I thought I’d trade my bishop and my rook with the queen and the knight. But Be4 is better because since black queen doesn’t want to be taken by my queen, it won’t take my bishop.

The opponent is not going to easily trade its queen.


I kind of knew that I should trade the bishop, but I didn’t know how to continue after that, so I thought about the line Qxd5. It turned out that Qxd5 should come after Bxe7 because after Qxd5, e6 cannot take the queen and I would have gotten two bishops.