week 33

Today I went to the Apple Store to ask a question. I was kind of embarrassed and scared, but a staff member answered my question with a friendly attitude, which made me very happy.

I showed him the piece of paper from my son’s school and asked him how to get the Antivirus program, but he told me that I didn’t need it because Apple computers don’t need it.

I felt I have made a great achievement just by going into the store alone, asking the question and getting help. I felt super proud of myself just for doing this simple task.

I don’t know what I was afraid of before I went into the store. Maybe I thought I would be laughed at or be treated with coldness. But the staff member was nice and I felt I was treated with respect. Maybe I have so little self-confidence thatI think people won’t respect me because my English is not perfect (and because it seemed like a dumb question).

I think I was afraid of failure and not being accepted, but now I know I don’t have to be. All I need to do is “try”.  If I try, I can respect myself with my effort even if people don’t respect me, but if I don’t try, I can’t even feel self-respect.

week 18

Time is tricky.  Every second you can change your thinking and perspective to something else.  Every second you can change your life for the better or worse, with a snap change of attitude.  It’s really up to you, but every second becomes your responsibility.  Time is very heavy, yet it’s invisible.  Make every second count.