week 21/5/27

Most Sundays I get up late, but recently I have back pain, so this morning I decided to exercise by taking a walk to the beach.  The fastest route is 1.2 miles.

The windy, cloudy, and warm weather was a perfect day for taking a walk.  I loved the sweet white pikake flower on the neighborhood fence; I greeted the people walking their dogs; I took some pictures of the white puffy clouds; I listened to the birds chirping busily; I wondered if someone ever got caught grabbing ripped mangos hanging down from giant trees.

Uniformed policemen were enjoying their break as I walked past them, one with breakfast in his hand. Most of a half marathon’s participants on the bright orange coned-road were walking past me, except one old tall man who was still running. When I grow old, I’d love to be that old lady runner with a casual yet winning smile.

Unlike last time I saw it, the ocean today was colored in platinum in the morning sun. Perhaps the wet air had made it look sophisticated and chic, with a light touch of resilience. Nature is an artist is nature is an artist, indefinitely!

I was glad I didn’t go back to sleep; my back felt much better. Returning to my neighborhood about an hour later, I realized my day had just started as it was only 2 minutes past nine.

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