week 21


I felt like doing nothing at all in the morning.  As always, waiting for Cycle Day 1 is the hardest.  I became restless and fatigued and depressed and moody after the fourth week.

But I knew I had to get water because we were out of it.  Although I couldn’t remember water makes up the 70% of which: the human body or Earth, it didn’t matter; no water no life.  Got to get water.

I tried to fight my resistance by timing myself with a stopwatch and 30 minutes later I arrived home with water and groceries.  Feeling like a winner and lucky (I got a dollar from a water machine guy wearing sunglasses because he was checking out the machine while I was using it), I was motivated to do the next necessary and important task (though I forget what it was).

I even managed to type for 20 minutes after lunch today.  Since writing is what I enjoy doing, I tend to spend more time for it than I probably should.  A 20 minutes timer reminded me to stop working, and as a result, I picked up the kids on time.

Having learned again and again how disastrous doing everything at the last minute could be, I found the balance between doing what you need to do and what you love is an art to master and being aware of the fact that I was depressed was probably the first step.

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