week 27/day 19

It’s a good idea to write when I feel like writing. Writing releases my stress and energizes me too. I find brainstorming before I go to bed and editing in the morning make my writing have substance and clarity.   Writing takes time, but I know it’s worth the effort when I see my own blog.

I gave a customer the wrong information and feel very bad about it. I should have checked with a full-timer first. I don’t want to be unprofessional — it’s the last thing I want to be, so I’d better study as much as I can on my own. I should take note of what I did wrong and make sure I won’t repeat the same mistake again.

Is my English is good? Perhaps it’s better than a person who hadn’t lived in the US for 8 years? In any case, I should practice talking more. I couldn’t finish the sentence when I tried to talk to the customer who asked about the grapefruit green tea. I said, “Citrus..”

I didn’t know enough about white tea when I was asked.  I don’t work that much, and as a result, I don’t have much time to learn about the knowledge my part-time job as a sales associate requires me to have. Maybe I should just go to the store as a customer once a week, then I will learn more about tea and what customers want and how they want to be treated.

The Korean salon was much much better than the other one I went to. Now I feel so free with my short hair that I don’t want long hair anymore: it’s just too much trouble. I don’t care if I don’t look local, and I don’t want to spend time washing and drying my hair; I’d rather use the time to read.

week 27/day 18

It’s been quite windy since yesterday. It feels like a typhoon is coming, but it’s still sunny and hot in the afternoon. The tea store manager was right, I need to increase my working speed. Maybe I think too much and it’s preventing me from working efficiently. I need to do whatever I feel like doing when I feel like doing those things because the thoughts didn’t just appear suddenly. However, I should always try to finish what I started first.

Chocolate mousse cake + Momo Oolong