On Housekeeping

I have decided to write about my experience as a housekeeper. I am not good at housekeeping, but I have always admired people who can keep their environment organized and efficient. I have always wanted to be a writer too, so when I put my the ideal of living efficiently and my dream of becoming a writer together, writing about housekeeping seems to be a perfect theme.

The idea came to me after I read a book on how a writer became good at housekeeping by keeping a note of her housekeeping. The writer’s story inspired me to work on my own weakness and write about my experience. ¬†Hopefully, efficiency in housekeeping will save me more time on creativity!

Even though I am a housewife, I have never took housekeeping seriously. I guess I live mostly in my head since I am naturally drawn to introspection, theories, and films. Writing and housekeeping both help me to think clearly. Housekeeping is the basis of good health: to be good at housekeeping is not only for my own interest, but also for the ones I love.