Day 5

I feel morality is a human being’s goal in life. When one fulfils one’s duty to be a just human being, s/he lives a good life.

For example, cooking is my duty as a housewife. The problem is I am too lazy to cook, however the problem is solved once I have accepted my laziness, because I have accepted the reality of my role and “who I am”. The rest is doing what I need to do as a housewife, which is cooking.

Other than living a moral life, I think whatever holds a person together is what determines his/her existence. Without writing, I end up as entropy, the randomness of energy.


Day 21

Yesterday, B called to tell me that she was in the hospital. This morning I heard from J that W is in the hospital. B and W were both born in the Year of Dragon. Does it mean that dragon people will have bad luck this year? Or has something gong wrong with them over a long period of time, and what’s happening to them now is the result of their ignorance? I hope they will get well soon.