Day 3

As I was about to leave the house, I looked at myself in the mirror at the entrance, and I thought, “I’d rather be reading Kant!” The thought was so loud and clear in my head. Instead of going to place A, then place B, and returning home, I’d rather stay home and read Kant.

The boss of the company “Alibaba” said a person who is successful is always positive about the future. A successful person checks the mistakes others make, tries to avoid them, and always thinks about what he did wrong. In other words, a successful person is always in a self-critique process: “The person who is successful is the one who changes himself successfully.”

I get such a kick out of blogging and I learn so much from writing. If my writing is improved, it’s a small achievement for me. Although I write to please myself, I am encouraged when someone likes my work. Every interest I have can go (except maybe reading and piano), but writing is here to stay, because writing feels like breathing to me. The rest is just what I do while I am alive.