Day 23

The planner I bought was good because I could actually prepare the money I need to give back to people I owed to!

My style is to write down all the to-dos for a day as soon as I know I need to do them, and do them when I feel like it. I cannot write what time to do what is on the schedule, because if I write “writing at 9am”, it almost always turns out I don’t write at 9am, and then I feel frustrated for the rest of my day. I need flexibility.

R keeps telling me his coffee is more important than philosophy.

I wonder what Kant’s theory has to do with energy. I want to understand something in terms of energy because without energy there is no life. I also want to be able to express Kant’s logic in simple language, to present it to others like we do in the seminars because teaching is the ultimate learning process.

To wear something nice = to share a little love.