Day 13

When I was lying in bed, I remembered how I was reading books while I had to stay in the hospital. I had a liver problem, and I had to get a surgery to test how bad it was at that time. I was away from home and alone by myself in the hospital for three days. I just read books in a white room and it was like heaven. Recently I don’t have time to read, so I miss my reading time.

My idea of writing a book started from the book “The Art and Craft of Storytelling”. The author of the book had to take care of her three kids, but she was writing everyday, and her story inspired me to write everyday.

Every time I see Kant’s book, I want to read it, but then I remember something is more urgent than reading Kant, so I go on to do that thing, and by the end of the day, I have neither time nor energy left for the book. I know I can find time to do it if it’s important to me, even if it’s just reading one sentence. But why do I think Kant is important to me anyway? Is it only my curiosity to know how he has said what he had to say? Or maybe I should just follow my intuition and see where it leads me.

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