Day 12

I am just a housewife who writes about her experience. I teach Chinese occasionally, and take German lessons every week, piano lessons every other week, sometimes go to my English class, and a table-coordination lesson once a month.

I basically do what most mothers do: prepare meals, do the washing-up and laundry, clean the place (when I feel like it), and tell the kids to do their homework and brush their teeth before they go to bed.

I imagine some people, for example, a businesswoman or a nurse, would have a much different experience from mine. Maybe a businesswoman has to deal with demanding clients, and a nurse has to take care of many sick people with little help because the hospital is always short of nurses.

Or some lives of mothers with younger kids who don’t have their private time; or someone who is single who only has to work for taking care of herself and her cats. They have different experiences from mine. I don’t know what being them is alike, and they don’t know what being me is like.

Maybe I am curious about their lives, and they might be curious about mine, but I can never have their experiences because I am not them. I can only speak for my own experience.  Yet, being human, we all have something in common.

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