How does a powerful person become a powerful person if not by force? By his wisdom? If human beings are not political animals, how can we be willing to transfer our rights to a powerful person? If we are able to make the choice, we are capable of politics.

The process of getting one’s logic right is all that matters. I can see the connection between event A and event B. I see how the movie “Revenant” would play a part in Hobbes’s position on God in his theory. Hobbes might not believe in God, but he needed the idea of God to be in his theory to make it complete because he understood human weakness too well, although it’s only my opinion.

This morning M said that I should prepare the bread for breakfast in advance. He was right.

I had planned to write this journal for a story about someone who tries to become a writer. I have not written anything story-like, but the more I write, the more I learn about myself.

Perhaps I can write something from the perspective of an INTP? I am interested in myself as an INTP. If I present myself the way I am, will I be like an INTP? The question is, what makes me an INTP?

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