If we were to think of power as energy, would it be real energy or would it be imaginative energy? If power is energy, as one says, “He is a powerful man.”, what would it be in the form of physics?

Back to the washing-up problem. My friend’s question to me: “Why should I listen to you when you tell me not to help you to do the washing-up?” Was I not fair to her by refusing her help? Perhaps the question is: what is necessary? Sometimes we try to be fair because we want to avoid feeling guilty, but the effort would only make things worse when everything ends up in a power struggle.

As for me, having real power is to know what one perceives as reality. Only when a person knows the reality of her own perception, can she know the perception of another person, and then the rest of the world. Only then she can have the freedom to choose to create herself.

Whatever the cause of my effort to study philosophy, it’s not important. The important thing is one’s effort: the process. I don’t know why I was born, but the fact is I was born, and the process of living is what matters to me.

Even though context matters to an interpretation, it only takes a sentence alone to deliver a message. An idea is supposed to conclude the context, the context, “The world is the case.”, as Wittgenstein said it.

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