Tomorrow is M’s ceremony for entering junior high school, so I want to go to sleep early because I don’t want to be late. My inability to estimate the time for me to get somewhere makes me end up hating myself.

Something negative might turn out to be a positive thing. Likewise, it’s also possible for something positive to turn out to be negative. Say I felt low and stayed home all day, but I finished going over my account and filled out forms for school. I also practiced piano and cooked dinner. Spending a lousy day at home actually turned out to be quite a productive experience for me.

Seeing something to be a good experience, or a bad one is just a matter of perspective. The most important thing for me is protecting my writing time. If there is anything I need to do for myself, it’s write. One’s priority determines how one will relate to the world.

Life has an underlying structure of one’s existence even if it’s not always obvious to him/her. The person who creates himself/herself is a person who changes his/her old pattern of thinking successfully. I think I’ll start with my closet.

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