Even though I tried to look calm in front of the students, I went totally nuts when I forgot the time I was supposed to finish the lesson. I thought I still had 30 minutes left in the lesson, but I had already finished the material I had prepared. I ended up trying to show the clip from our piano recital, but it took so long we just quit trying to watch it all together. My distortion of the finishing time of the lesson made me bring up my idea of the play I prepared for the students.

I like the idea of a play because a play is more fun than daily conversation. There is more imagination in a play than a real life situation. Real life situation is real—it’s basically problem solving, whereas one can have fun with one’s imagination while practicing the language at the same time in a play.

My style is the open-ended question approach, even though that makes me sound undecided. The message from the movie, ”My dinner with Andre” was that people want answers right away, and “..It makes us have no time to think..The questions just scare people.” But I seem to enjoy questioning.

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