The weather was pretty rough today. After M went to the movies, the storm warning alert came. I spent all morning trying to download the piano recital’s video and share it, but it didn’t work. I was struggling and basically just too lazy to do anything else, but I managed to go out for lunch with E.

How can one not acknowledge a writer’s background when trying to understand his philosophy? It’s like understanding a sentence without its context, or seeing a tree without seeing the tree being part of the forest.

I am tired of typing the word “Nietzsche”. I am just going to call him N. N’s text made me think he was lonely because his words revealed what kind of situation he was in. N’s idea idea on human subjective understanding is the same concept Kant has, but N has a political aim.

If I were to pick someone I want to pretend to be, I’d pick a writer; I don’t need to pretend to be someone else.
I can forgive myself for not understanding a concept, but I cannot forgive myself for not doing what I am inclined to do, which is to understand.

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