Nietzsche was angry because he saw the people and the country he cared deeply about being passive, so he criticized everything and everyone except the people who were leaders. But mostly, he was upset with himself.

Nietzsche seemed to be lonely, and he longed for companionship. The passages he wrote were full of anger and disrespect for the society, but he seemed to be waiting for friends at the end of his book, and he always writes as if he was talking to another person for action.

He reminds me of my kid’s teacher, who said, “I only scold you because I love you guys.”

Nietzsche had great love for human beings, but how can one justify his action only because the reason behind an action is based on “love”? If someone comes and tells me, this is my standard, this standard is the rule that you need to accept and try to become because I love you, then I’d think he is only being arrogant.

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