Recently I have big appetite and became so fat. Staying at home all day, I started to think I have to eat when I have time to eat so I can have energy to write. I guess eating sweet food made me fat.

The point of philosophy discussion is not to reach a conclusion, but to gain understanding of our own and others’ opinions on a topic.

R picks the book he have studied, and he creates an outline his argument. No matter which topic we choose from the topics he prepares for us, we can only prepare materials to prove his point.

Of course we can try to find inconsistencies in his argument, and try to question it, but then we’d probably run out of time. That’s the biggest flaw I find in R’s seminar.

The point of writing is not only to write, but to share understanding. Writing is only the first step of the process: to sort out what you think of what you have perceived. Once you know what you think, you can share it with others, and the sharing of understanding will make us grow as human beings. Because perceptions are endless, we can grow endlessly.

Children’s story plants the idea in a child subconsciously. Like in the story of Bambi, the message says, “Don’t say anything if you can’t say something nice.” Maybe it’s one of the reasons we lie to people in their face.

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