The movie “Magnolia” is one of my favourite movies because it talks about what love is all about. I like the scent of Magnolia too.

People want to empower themselves when they want something. I was thinking with the question “Does it empower me?” or “Do I feel empowered by the product?” when I went shopping.

“If you become close to R, you might hurt yourself because you seem to be attracted to him.” S told me. 4 years ago I asked R to help me study philosophy, and now I am finally able to make an appointment. It’s okay if I read a book and write a paper about it, but I need to know if my understanding is correct.

In order to avoid trouble, I can choose to live my life peacefully by not doing what I feel I need to do. It will be a good life, but it wouldn’t be my life. Does everything happen because it needs to happen?

As I was doing the laundry this morning, I imagined if Mozart would have produced great music because he heard music in his head, when writers hear words in their heads. Everyone hears something, I suppose. I guess the question is whether one has the need to make a note of it.

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