Recently I have developed the habit of wearing only a glove on my right hand when I do the washing-up because I think it will train my left hand to be more reflexive.

If I practice the piano all day, I won’t have much experience to write about because my mind will be all about the practice, I suppose? Is it a solution to my inclination to live in my mind? There is no end to my thinking. If life is basically meaningless, practicing the piano all day might be a better choice because then I won’t waste my time thinking about nothing.

Write, edit, post. I know how the writing process works now. I just need to keep on working. Why do I need to write 800 words everyday? I forget how I did the calculation, but I guess my calculation that will give me enough words to write a book.

P helped me to clean our place before everyone came over for the handbell practice. I was angry when he complained that I was too slow to prepare as I was busily doing laundry; I told him to get out. He cleaned the place, and then he got out. Then I asked him to buy lunch for us which he did. He was being cooperative and actually saved my ass. I thanked him later even though I was really pissed off in the morning.

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