My emotion always tells me something about my real intent, just as there is always a logic behind my emotion, whether for a good or poor reason.

After M returned home one hour later as he promised, E was making a scene and refused to go out. As I questioned them, M said he “pushed” E away, whereas E said M hit him. P started to ask M questions, and ended up accusing M to be the source of the fight.
When I told P that he was only framing M for his own purpose, he got angry and threw something at me, and blamed me for not letting him wait in the car. “So you don’t think you should be here whenever we have a problem like this?” I vehemently said.

Although I tried my best to listen, I failed to be fair this time by not putting everything into perspective. I had this suspicion of E exaggerating M’s push, and thought M wouldn’t hit E because he is a good kid, but the truth is M did push E hard. Perhaps E’s pressuring M to apologise made him feel ashamed of himself for being late, after all, M is the one who is usually on time, while E is usually late. My experiences produced a bias that made me lose my objectivity in this incident.

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