What is my truth? The picture with the pieces of my personal experiences organised with some insight will only touch people if it has some truth that they can relate to.

I read a short description about Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personalities on Pin Interest, and it says an ISFJ person would apologize for the existence of a puddle for no reason, while an INTP person would walk in the puddle carelessly, but analyse the puddle later, and so on.  [ http://pin.it/xi1xnRV ] The ISFJ personality matches my impression of Japanese people, and since I am an INTP person, I only relate to the introvert part of people.

Even though the introvert part makes me feel comfortable, the other parts don’t. I feel I am left to do my own thing, but somehow I can’t relate to the unspoken rule in the culture. I sense that there is this “silencing” during communication, or some kind of response to avoid a conflict when they don’t approve of your opinion. I guess people are free to say anything they want, but I hope whatever we say will be heard and responded to. A “silencer” could be anywhere, however; I just don’t want myself to become one.

After I went to E’s open school, I worked on my writing at Misdo (a donut shop) this afternoon. I was going to go grocery shopping, but I wanted a break. I didn’t know the store was so busy in the afternoon. I usually go home around 4pm after I buy the groceries.

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