The piano lesson went well today. I played better because my mind was clear. Before I got my mc, I couldn’t focus on anything, and couldn’t wait to get my mc. Now I got my mc, I feel I am ready to be active again. This afternoon I cooked lunch, washed the dishes, and then I took a nap. I couldn’t make it to the science seminar in the afternoon though. I didn’t want to stress myself out by scheduling two things at the same time. I could go, but I knew it’d be too much for me, and I was glad that I chose to rest before the dinner.

It was pouring when I went to the dinner this evening. I was late again, but I made it again. I had dinner with the ladies from a English conversation class organised by a local high school. I admired their ability to work and take care of their families. One lady talked about her job as an English teacher for students from 1st to 6 grade in an elementary school. Her English was perfect, so I asked her how she studied. She studied English by herself with lessons on TV by NHK before she started teaching. I thought teaching should be a good way to learn.

L told me I could learn how to teach if I take the job teaching kids English, but I can’t tell the language school that I might move to another country next year. I want to try teaching kids English because I am not good with business. I want a job that would help me to know more about society, and learn English, so I think teaching kids English is an opportunity for both.

I don’t think I am good with kids, but I don’t feel uncomfortable with them when I volunteered to read books at the school library. The kids weren’t as scary as I imagined them to be. On the other hand, maybe adults are more difficult for me to relate to. What does that say about me as an adult now?

One Chinese lesson per month does not give me much incentive to keep learning, although I enjoy teaching and making friends. I hope I can find another job that will keep me participate more in the real world, but at the same time, balance my need for writing. Sometimes it’s just timing. Another lady at the dinner said she started to work at her current job because the agent she registered at 10 years ago called her recently. Perhaps I should try to be more patient about finding another career.

As for studying German, I was thinking if I could write something in German in order to learn the language. Something like a diary. Or should I try to translate Kant? Maybe I can ask L to correct my grammar. Everyone’s preferable learning style is different, and I feel writing is a good way for me to learn a language.

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