S came today. S’s baby is super cute and he doesn’t cry so much.The traffic was too heavy, so I thought it was better to cancel my piano lesson today than to keep C waiting. It was a beautiful day and not so cold.

S’s husband taught me a lot about cameras tonight. He is a good teacher because I can understand what he says easily. LB’s explanation is quite easy to understand for a person with an average IQ like me. CCD is the film and ISO is the light sensitivity. A good photo is taken by a brain with knowledge about the techniques. We also talked about how we want to keep the photos authentic without using too much of the Photoshop touch up. Should I buy a professional camera? I am not sure, but maybe I should buy it when I cannot be satisfied with my present camera.

Like S said, I am interested in many things. But I don’t know anything well enough. I am interested in science. I am interested in philosophy. I am interested in film. I am interested in writing. I am not so interested in politics. I am not interested in poetry. But why do I have this feeling that I hope to learn so much? Sometimes I wonder whether I am interested in talking with men or talking about subjects I like. The fields that I am interested in mostly are male concentrated, except film. I talk about writing and film with my female friends.

The way to take a good photo is the conscious effort of focusing one’s attention and preparation. If I want to take a photo, I’ll know when the time is right to take the photo. The amount of photos taken means the amount of work done, and more work means more possibility to succeed. Like LB said, one makes lots of tries before the perfect photo is taken. We just don’t know the huge amount of work behind it because all we see is one perfect photo. I didn’t know the F 2.2 photo costed 200,000 yen.

It’s important to keep working on something until it finally works. It’s not about the result, even though a good photo might prove that you have become a good photographer, but the point is that one has learned to pay attention to the world, and the art of her self-expression.

I felt embarrassed to offer the possibly expired oden to S; I felt a panic when I noticed the date of the piano recital will be on the day next to the day we plan to arrive in Japan; I forgot to send a message to M’s calligraphy teacher to say thanks to her effort because M’s work got published; I feel bad not reading to E before he went to sleep; I am not sure what to do now that I have about 300 more words to go.

The photo is not reality, but one’s interpretation of the reality. A good photo should be a picture that tells a story. A picture is worth a thousand word, and a good story should make the reader imagine a picture when they read. In a sense, a well written story should help the reader to imagine a picture in which the energy the writer has intended to give when she wrote the story. A writer is someone who receives energy from the reality, transforms the energy in writing, and passes it to the reader successfully.

M and E just played by themselves after school. Then we had strawberry Daifuku. My parents went to a shopping mall by themselves today. Tomorrow I have German lesson, but I haven’t studied yet. I will recommend S’s family visit Kioshikojin Jinja.

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