I feel restless before my MC. This morning after I washed the dishes, I was talking with S while printing out the journals. I had mochi for breakfast, and I left the blanket covers in the washing machine to wash before I left home.

When I went out a quarter after 12, I was not sure if I should go to the mall or Tully’s. I arrived at the intersection where I needed to make my decision: turn left to go to Tully’s, or go straight to go to the mall. The traffic light was red, so I had less than a minute to make up my mind. I can still get groceries for dinner if I go to Tully’s, and I could do the shopping at the mall another time. I will probably take S and my parents to the mall when they will be here anyway.

Sometimes I can’t make up my mind as to where I should go, like what happened today. I knew that I didn’t have time to go to the mall if I left home after 12 because I wouldn’t have much time at the mall since I needed to be home by 4, but I needed to buy a facial cream for S, apples at the supermarket, and I wanted to go to the cafe to work on the editing. Most importantly, I felt like eating Chanpon in the cold weather.

I felt like being split in half as I waited at the red light. But the desire for Chanpon won. The thought suddenly came to me clearly: I should just do what I feel like. Today I feel like eating Chanpon, so I should go to the mall. I went straight there.

After I arrived at the mall, I went to check how busy the cafe was, but then I realized I forgot to bring a pen (!!), so I went to a store to buy a pen. Then I started to check the bath towels there because my towels are old and worn out. I bought a pen which writes in thin lines. When I finally returned to the cafe, I saw the cafe with no seats left, so I went to the food court to eat Chanpon. The one I ordered with less sodium tasted very good, so good that I want to recommend it to my friends.

Then I went back to the cafe, again. I accidentally cut in line, because I was in a hurry and I didn’t see a lady was waiting at the entrance. I just rushed into the restaurant, and put my bag down. Then I heard someone telling the waitress “That person cut in line.” as I went to order my coffee at the register. I apologized to her and then waited behind her. I felt super embarrassed. But I felt better when she she said to me, “Before you.” after she got a seat. I think she knew that I didn’t mean to cut in line. I hate people who cut in line.

“The Martian” was a straightforward movie that empowers a scientific inclined audience. It is good that we now know that we can survive on our poops, and a potato tastes better with ketchup, but it does not satisfy me intellectually. “The Big Short” is my type of movie. I am definitely into the type of films that explain a single event from many different points of view. But what defines a good movie is probably based on personal preferences (except bad movies are bad for sure: one knows that she is watching a bad movie when she cannot wait to get out of the room). Everyone makes different choices because everyone wants different things in life. Every choice one made would take one to walk on a different path. I guess that’s why life is fascinating for me. 

The heart-shaped foam on the top of the latte I ordered today looked so lovely, so I posted the photo of it on Instagram. Although I would very much like to, today I couldn’t finish editing all the journals I wrote from last week; my time ran out after I edited three journals. I bought many different fruits today: apples, mikans, and strawberries. Dinner was Oden, but it was not so tasty. The Taiwanese style oden tastes better because the soup is cooked with daikon.

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