I went to my table making lesson today. Teacher T left the key to the room at home, so we went to a cafe in a shopping plaza. I understand why she is proud of the Japanese products, it’s just that there is nothing more I can add to her enthusiasm. Without a doubt, Japanese products are popular in the world, not to mention the popularity of Japanese girls.

The animation “The Little Engine That Could” was very touching. I want to be like the Little Engine for sure! The message of the story is that we can make it if we would only try. My experience with writing proves the message to be right. The willingness to try – and not give up trying – is what makes things happen.

It’s all coming from the thought, “Just one more try.”  I realize when I push myself to write 300 words more by the time I have written 500 words, I can find out something about myself that I want to know. The same thing happens with practising the piano too: when I don’t quit and keep practising, I get it right. I think pushing oneself is what makes a person improve at something.

A second grade kid was interested in where I was from when I went to the elementary school library in the afternoon, and I read the book “Monster Nien”.  I felt sorry about my poor Japanese translation. I should try to translate the story and have the translation checked before I read it to the kids.

Even though I don’t expect anyone else to be excited about it, I want to publish a book, because I want S to write a foreword for me. The idea of publishing a real book, a book that you can hold in your hand and flip through the pages sounds exciting to me. It should be a different experience from publishing on a blog.

I finished reading the book “Rewrite”, and I know finishing reading the book is just the beginning of the work on the rewriting of my story. The process of rewriting feels overwhelming, but at least now I know the beat sheet is a place to start. That is when the voice of the B takes charge. “What makes you think you have a voice? What makes your voice special? After all, everyone who writes thinks her voice is special and worthy of people’s attention!”

My mind is not settled when I am alone (or not), so I need to write the words out to keep my mind relaxed. I guess I’ve learned to listen to the voices in my head. The question is, at the end of the writing process, do I leave just leave the words there and let them see no sunlight? I don’t want to just leave them there, so I figured I should rewrite them to make them better. Maybe writing is an attachment problem.

Today is the Chinese New Year. The curry I made today tasted pretty good. Tomorrow I have to clean my place, order the groceries, do the laundry of the bed sheets and blanket covers, and throw out the trash. I still need to do my German homework and practise the piano. I want to read Kant’s book, but reading it in German is just too difficult for me. Why do I feel I have to read Kant anyway? Maybe I am just being stubborn. I want to understand his logic by myself.

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