I was editing my writings at the cafe on the second floor in the mall. After I edited eight journal entries, I went to a crepe shop but the shop person never showed up, so I went to Starbucks on the first floor and got a Hojicha latte instead. I started to do my German homework. I was kind of worn out with my homework. The table was too low at Starbucks and the music wasn’t good. My eyes were tired, and I suddenly felt a sting on my hand but I didn’t pay attention to it. Later, I saw a spot on my right hand where I felt the sting got red and purplish. Was I stung by a bee? Maybe it was just a poisonous bug. I don’t want to go to the Starbucks on the first floor anymore!

Today I didn’t clean my home, but I did homework and editing. I worked on the blog post after dinner too. (I can hear 8 singing in the shower now. I love it when he sings. I can feel that he feels liberated by singing.) However, I need to start cleaning my place because S is coming soon. Where should I start? I think I should start with where they will sleep, which is the Japanese room. I just need to organize and clear out the room. 

I don’t know if I will be able to work on the translation tomorrow, because I feel I have to do grammar practice in the textbook too. I want to post on my blog. Tomorrow I have to go to English lesson too. I haven’t been to class for one month. Should I quit? I don’t go to the classes most of the time, but I feel insecure if I don’t go, because I won’t have a chance to practice my English if I quit. I guess I should go as much as I can, because I think the lessons help me with my English. Maybe I can do the practice in the textbook in the morning and dos the translation in the afternoon.

I think writing is really helping me. I feel I can focus better on my tasks. My mind is clear the next day when I write down my thoughts as much as possible before I sleep. I have a chance to know what has been bothering me and try to figure out how to solve my problems. For example, I practiced piano today when I was cooking soup with a small heat. I always wait and practice when I finish shower, but I realized it would be too late for practicing then. I changed my pattern today, I had more time to practice and it felt good.

I am not sure if I should write a story from my experiences, though. I guess I’ll know when the time comes. For now, I just need to produce 800 words daily.

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