philosophy quiz

    Recently I have been doing this philosophy quiz thing on Facebook. Nobody but Ruler answers my quizzes so it is kind of strange. I don’t really want him to be concerned about my quizzes but I do find his responses to be kind of encouraging. Anyway, I enjoy doing the quiz even if I have to do it alone!
  I have been reading about many philosophers from ancient times to Francis Bacon. I just started to wonder why there is not a single female philosopher. Maybe it is because women were not able to receive proper education in the past? Or philosophy is just not interesting for women in general? 
  The reason I enjoy reading about philosophers and their reasons is because I am interested in people and ideas in general. Is there anything wrong with me? No one seems to support my interest in philosophy so sometimes I feel I am a little odd.  
  But so what. No one cares if I DON’T read philosophy either. To read or not to read, to write or not to write, to bite or not to bite, no one cares what I do to myself anyway. So as long as philosophy is fun to read, why not read?  

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